Virtual Orchestra Scores

About the site:
This site contains a collection of music, which is composed by Ulli Horn and inspired by various movies, games and so on.   
Some pieces are music only and some are video clips.
I hope you enjoy what you find here.
created by Ulli Horn Music license: Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)
The audio files, which are attached to many posts, are the latest version and of the songs.

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DMC Video Projects
Part 1 Trading + Part 2 Mining

Two "Dark Matter Crew" clips showing them in in action. Music by ... me. :-)

DMC Season 2 - Theme

The Main Theme for season two of the DMC Star Citizen Crew. Second season?
Oh yeah! Which second season acutally?

Ingame content, guys! Cmon!

A Hammer To Fall

A musical tribute to Star Citizen (and the Hammerhead class starship)

Thanks to all citizens who helped to create the footage, espacially the DARKmatter Crew.

Very special thanks to CIG and Chris Roberts for their incredible amtitions

Unreal Tournament - Godown

Who remembers the glory days of Unreal Tournament in the year 1999?

Its a remake of one of  my favorite ingame song. Can you listen Deck 16? :-)

Encounter the Banu

Ever wanted to encounter a Banu? This is how i think, that moment could feel like.

Hope you enjoy listening.

Merry Christmas and
Proceed as Planned

A song dedicated for the Star Citizen Crew
"Dark Matter" featuring their own theme in a new way.

Merry Christmas to all listeners and all people around the world!

Have a good time.

Bengal on Duty

A theme inspired by the Bengal Carrier. A starship from Star Citizen.


Sad Desicion (WarCraft 2 rearranged)

The third human theme from the original Soundtrack of WarCraft 2 - Tides of Darkness recomposed/rearranged, with a little additional nuance of my own.

Credits goes absolutely to Blizzard Entertainment.

The Hunting Pack

You wish to have some fun in Star Citzen? This is, what it could look like.


Enjoy watching.

Launching the Cruiser

With this song i tried to combine two worlds.
It should pay hommage to the soundtrack of Star Trek - The Motion Picture created by Jerry Goldsmith. Especially to his theme, when the Enterprise left the drydock.
On the other hand there is that Star Citizen Cruiser that has to start as fast as possible. There might be some difficulties.

Enjoy listening. :-)

Deserved Ambush

The next part of music, inspired by the Star Citizen Organisation DARK_matter.
This time it is up them to justify for an act of tension and revenge. But listen yourself.

The Flip Side of Justice

"It does not help to have the right on his side. One must also reckon with the judiciary." Dieter Hildebrandt

A song, which is more the outlaw way.

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Riding the Jumpstream

A track inspired by a well known rock band mixed with a little bit tragedy. Maybe not so good. It was a little bit testing and playaround. :-)

Getting Teased

This song can describe, how the DMC is getting teased by an UEE Battlecruiser.
Near the Event Horizon

Inspired by the movie "Interstellar" i made this song, to describe, what pressure you have to suffer on the edge of nothing.
DARK_matter - Stay United

This is the official main theme for the Star Citizen  clan "DARK_matter" (DMC).

Soundfile below is the latest version.

DARK ... matters!

This video describes the retraction of Hawkeye Peers (O.D. former sickbay officer) from the UEE and how he found new comrades.

Credits goes to: (For parts of the video footage) parts of the video footage)
(For their ambitious work on SC)
(For taking me with them :-) )
(For the great community)

best regards,

Constellation Tribute

A orchestral music theme for the Constellation class starship of Chris Roberts upcoming epic game "Star Citizen".

Hope you enjoy it. :-)

Credits for the video footage:
Historic Space Combat

My first released piece of music inspired by Star Citizen
Written Tales

Title: "Written Tales"

Created by Lost_Hawk

A classical and heroic piece of symphonic music.

Inspired by "The Elder Scrolls" and "The Elder Scrols Online".
Ritter des alten Kodex - Main Theme

Title: "RdaK - Main Theme"

Created by Lost_Hawk

A classical and heroic piece of symphonic music.

Inspired by "The Elder Scrolls" and "The Elder Scrols Online".